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When to See a Fertility Specialist

by | February 20th, 2018

Know when to see a fertility specialist You might think that it should be easy to conceive when you’re ready to grow your family, but sometimes nature needs a nudge. Although it can be tempting to keep trying on your own – even after seeing multiple negative pregnancy tests – it’s important to know when  

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More Than IVF

by | February 15th, 2018

Find more than IVF at Texas Fertility Center While IVF often comes to mind first, not every fertility patient will require this advanced reproductive technology. In fact, only 30% of patients at our Austin fertility center require IVF, also known as in vitro fertilization. As an Ovation Fertility™ partner, our reproductive endocrinologists will start with  

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The Effectiveness of Fertility Testing

by | January 16th, 2018

The truth about the effectiveness of fertility testing A recent article in Glamour has left some women with questions about the effectiveness of fertility testing. To clear up the uncertainty, Austin fertility specialist Kaylen Silverberg MD breaks down the facts. The effectiveness of fertility testing With more women delaying motherhood to pursue their careers, education  

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Gauge Your Fertility Potential with AMH Testing

Natalie Burger, M.D.

by | June 4th, 2013

Through the month of June, TFC is offering free ovarian reserve screening (Day 3 FSH, Estrogen, and AMH testing) to new patients. A new blood test, anti-mullerian hormone or AMH gives women greater insight into the number of egg-containing follicles growing in your ovaries. Texas Fertility Center research and its clinical application of anti-mullerian hormone (AMH)  

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