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Don’t let infertility turn your life upside down. Join us at IVF Orientation

Don’t let infertility turn your life upside down. Join us at IVF Orientation

Whether you are already scheduled for IVF, or just considering the possibility, you have questions. How will I ever learn to give or receive injections at home? How often will I need to visit the fertility center for sonograms and blood work? What should I expect during the egg retrieval and embryo transfer procedures?

Save the Date: December 10th

IVF-orientationTexas Fertility Center supports our patients and the Central Texas fertility community with informational seminars to equip you for the journey ahead. Whether you are a TFC patient or not, we invite you to attend these informative monthly sessions that shed light on the IVF process.

Our next IVF Orientation will take place on December 10 at 6:15 pm in the auditorium on the second floor of the St. Davids North Austin Medical Center. If you would like to attend, please call Texas Fertility Center, at (512) 610-7476.

Attendees tell us that after Orientation, they feel more prepared, and even excited, about their prospects for success. Although it may sound intimidating at first, in vitro fertilization actually mirrors the natural reproductive cycle, while removing many of the stumbling blocks that can prevent pregnancy. One of the most proven and effective therapies in reproductive medicine, IVF has led to the births of more than 5 million babies.

Take advantage of Texas Fertility Center patient resources

Texas Fertility Center, one of Austin and the Southwest’s most established fertility clinics, devotes considerable time and resources to patient education. There is a seat for you at our monthly IVF Orientation, as well as our other recurring events. Check out our event calendar here>>

TFC Peer Support Group, Fertility 101, and Options for the LGBT Community.

Finding a support group or someone to talk with about infertility can help you manage the stress. Therapist Tara Joyner offers her advice here >>>

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