About Egg Freezing

Preserve Your Options with Egg Freezing

For the first time, the biological clock—deteriorating egg quantity and quality—does not have to dictate when women start families.

A breakthrough technology in cryopreservation makes egg freezing a viable option for women today. At Texas Fertility Center, a board certified reproductive endocrinologist performs each oocyte (egg) preservation cycle in conjunction with a fully accredited IVF laboratory.

We believe it is important to raise awareness for this relatively new fertility treatment option … to dispel the myths and clarify the benefits.

Our Austin egg freezing experts provide informative sessions at Texas Fertility Center and in the community.

Learn more about elective egg freezing from experts in reproductive medicine who were among the first to report live births from frozen egg IVF cycles.

  • At what age should I start the egg retrieval process?
  • What’s involved with egg freezing?
  • What are the associated costs?
  • What are the success rates and associated risks for egg freezing?

To reserve a presentation and interactive session with one of our fertility specialists, please contact us at Texas Fertility Center

Egg freezing is a proven technique for preserving fertility.

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