Introducing the New TFC Website

Introducing the New TFC Website

174We expanded our fertility footprint with new fertility clinics that opened last year in San Antonio, joining our clinics in Austin and Round Rock. We will open a new clinic in South Austin in 2014!  Now, we welcome the online community to experience our redesigned Texas Fertility Center website.

When TFC opened in 1980, the World Wide Web and the very first IVF success were taking baby steps. Decades later, we effectively engage with our TFC patients and the infertility community via social media and online resources.

A snapshot of 17,000 babies born

The new face of TFC features babies born to parents who overcame infertility. We wish we had room for each of the 17,000+ babies. Their sweet faces bring you great joy; they bring our current patients hope.

Other new features include a fresh new design, responsive technology and more information about today’s latest infertility treatments and fertility news. We want to equip you to make informed, confident and strategic decisions regarding your reproductive health.

Here’s a sample of what you will find on the new TFC website:

  • Do you know the optimal number for ovarian reserve? A higher FSH and lower AMH levels alert us to take proactive steps to enhance or preserve your fertility.
  • Approximately 20 to 35 percent of couples will complete their fertility testing without a definitive diagnosis.
  • For an optimal semen analysis, we recommend at least 48 hours of abstinence.
  • Removing endometrial polyps increases the chances of conceiving because endometrial polyps may cause irritation of the lining of the uterus (interfering with implantation of an embryo).
  • Women whose weight is either above average (10-15 percent above normal) or below average (10-15 percent below normal) may encounter hormonal abnormalities affecting reproduction.

What are you searching for in fertility care?

Our website features hundreds of pages of reader-friendly medical content, from infertility treatment options to patient resources such as fertility counselors and IVF seminars. We’ve made it even easier to search for the fertility cause, treatment and direction that you need as you move forward.

  • Watch a YouTube video on a fertility topic.
  • Connect with a supportive fertility community on our Facebook link.
  • Familiarize yourself with current infertility research.
  • Find out how Texas Fertility Center supports the Austin, Round Rock and San Antonio community.

We hope you are as pleased as we are with our new TFC website. Take a look around, and tell us what you think.

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