Fertility Super Doctors: What Does it Take?

Fertility Super Doctors: What Does it Take?

Choosing a fertility doctor, you might ask your current obgyn or family doctor whom they would seek out themselves for infertility treatment. Four Texas Fertility Center physicians made that list: Dr. Thomas Vaughn, Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, Dr. Lisa Hansard and Dr. Natalie Burger.

The Super Doctors® list, representing reproductive endocrinologists and 40 other medical subspecialties, is chosen by peers—other doctors. The Texas Fertility Center honorees, Super Doctors®, offer their advice to couples currently searching for a fertility doctor in the Austin, Temple, Round Rock or San Antonio areas.

Choosing a Super Fertility Doctor

Dr. Thomas Vaughn: “Choose a fertility specialist that is board certified as a reproductive specialist (RE). This advanced training and rigorous, ongoing adherence to continuing education and standards of care uniquely positions an RE to provide leading-edge fertility treatment.”

Dr. Kaylen Silverberg: “Inquire as to your fertility specialist’s research and teaching contributions, fertility surgery experience, and advanced fertility treatments they offer (such as preimplantation genetic diagnosis, donor services and fertility preservation).”

Dr. Lisa Hansard: “Ask about staff turnover. Texas Fertility Center’s founding physician, Dr. Thomas Vaughn, recruits and retains people committed to the long-term success of the fertility practice, and each patient’s successful outcome.”

Dr. Natalie Burger: “Evaluate the fertility clinic by asking yourself if the atmosphere seems warm and inviting, the staff encouraging and the facility itself equipped with an accredited onsite IVF lab like Texas Fertility Center’s Austin IVF.”

You can also check a fertility clinic’s IVF success rates at the Centers for Disease Control website, but read more here on interpreting the data.

To make an appointment with Texas Fertility Center Super Doctors®, visit our website or call us at 512-451-0149.

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