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Your Texas Fertility Center IVF lab director is a control freak

Your Texas Fertility Center IVF lab director is a control freak

What keeps Dr Matthew (Tex) VerMilyea awake at night?


True, the Texas Fertility Center and Ovation Fertility™ Austin lab director has two small children at home, but it’s the awesome responsibility for the human gametes in his care that drives this perfectionist 24/7. He anticipates every possible scenario to systematically prevent errors and promote safety in the IVF lab.

For example:

How does accidental exposure to room temperature impact embryo quality? (Embryos are more resilient than previously thought, according to an Ovation Fertility Newport Beach study: “Effect of Accidental Warming Intervals on the Survival of Vitrified Human Blastocysts”)

Does time-lapse photography offer advantages over traditional embryo grading? (“Computer automated time-lapse analysis results correlate with embryo implantation and clinical pregnancy: a blinded, multi-center study.” — VerMilyea, RBMOnline 29(6): 729-736)

 Which culture medium protocol leads to greater pregnancy success rates? (“Comparison of clinical outcomes using an uninterrupted culture medium protocol requiring no medium renewal vs. a traditional two-step sequential medium system.” — VerMilyea, European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology)

It’s no surprise to his embryology team that Dr VerMilyea was asked to deliver the keynote address at the 17th Annual Clinical Embryologists Summit Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Madison this month.

Setting the gold standard for quality in the IVF lab

The theme for the conference is Control Freaks: Developing and Executing an Effective Quality Management System (QMS). Dr VerMilyea will explain his role in managing the complex procedures at what was recently named by Forbes Magazine as one of the country’s busiest IVF clinics.

An IVF lab is required to have a quality management system in place to be in compliance and maintain accreditations, but self-proclaimed control freaks like Dr VerMilyea raise the bar even higher to examine quality improvement.

“This summit gives us the forum to share ideas and learn new best practices from our colleagues representing IVF labs across the US and abroad,” says Dr VerMilyea. “Having studied at and directed labs in the UK, Japan and New Zealand, I can paint a broad picture of the systems and quality control protocols that improve patient outcomes.”

The Texas Fertility Center IVF lab announced its affiliation with Ovation Fertility in 2015 and has joined a dynamic alliance of some of the country’s top IVF centers and laboratories. The partnership allows Texas Fertility Center access to genetic services and a collaborative team that shares a common goal of improving the chances for pregnancy every time, for every person they serve.

If you are experiencing infertility, contact us at our Austin fertility center. We are proud to work with an IVF lab team, Dr VerMilyea, Hank Werland, Kristin Sieren, Melissa Catala, Alicia Picou, Gayle Williamson, Vonda Brabner and Addie Hellmers, who thrive within a culture of “prophylactic management”—preventing errors rather than responding to them.

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