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Treatment for Ovarian Cysts

What is the treatment for ovarian cysts?

Follicular cysts typically resolve spontaneously. There is some evidence that birth control pills can make cysts resolve faster. Occasionally, follicular cysts require surgical removal or drainage if other methods fail. Cysts other than follicular cysts must typically be removed through a surgery known as laparoscopy. The following video shows ovarian cyst removal using the DaVinci robot during a laparoscopy.

What is the expected outcome after treatment of an ovarian cyst?

Once a cyst either resolves spontaneously or is removed, your odds of proceeding with fertility treatment and conceiving increase greatly. The physicians at Texas Fertility Center are experts in the management and treatment of ovarian cysts. For any other questions or concerns, please contact us at 512-451-0149.

Simple Ovarian Cyst Draining during da Vinci Robot case*

  *This video excerpt is from a larger case to remove endometriosis. Simple ovarian cyst draining would not require a di Vinci Robot in the absence of other complicated fertility conditions