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Embracing Valentine’s Day – A Message from TFC

You could say that Texas Fertility Center is embracing Valentine’s Day

It’s a holiday devoted to love, and what better embodiment of that emotion than a baby born of a selfless desire to devote oneself entirely to another. Couples experiencing infertility go to extraordinary lengths to pass down a legacy of love to the next generation, and that inspires us! You can help you with embracing Valentine’s Day.

As you move forward with fertility treatment in February—with office visits, fertility drug regimens and blood work—don’t forget to schedule in couple time. Austin and Round Rock offer a hearty helping of dining choices (Bess Bistro on Pecan or French Quarter in Round Rock) and romantic settings (nothing tops Mount Bonnell or a sunset at The Oasis).

Suggestions for embracing Valentine’s Day

We opened a brand new fertility clinic in San Antonio this month. As a result, we thought we’d include a few suggestions for escaping to the Alamo City area with your sweetie. Here are tips for embracing Valentine’s Day in San Antonio this year.

You may have just begun fertility treatment, or feel exhausted by the months of trying. Either way, Texas Fertility Center wants to remind you to take time as a couple to enjoy each other this Valentine’s Day.

Visit our newest fertility doctor

If you visit San Antonio, stop by our new fertility clinic to say hello to Dr. Erika Munch  and the Texas Fertility Center-San Antonio team. Of course, we always appreciate referrals.

Find our new office at North Central Baptist, Atrium Women’s Center. The address is 502 Madison Oak Dr, Suite 230, San Antonio, Tx 78258. Contact us to learn more about your treatment options.

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