TFC Baby Photo Search

There’s No Baby Like a TFC Baby!

Words can’t express the joy and relief you feel after overcoming infertility, but a baby picture exuberantly exclaims: We did it! The TFC website currently features adorable babies, peek-a-boo poses and tiny little toes. Cute. But they are not TFC babies.

We’re planning to overhaul our website, and add a personal touch.

We want to show off our TFC families and babies, and invite you to email us your favorite photos.

The photos (supplied by former TFC patients & current moms and dads) represent the struggle of infertility, and possibility for happy endings. Your baby picture can serve as a beacon of hope for people still trying to achieve pregnancy.

We will try our best to use all of the photos that you share with us. Our web developer will find the perfect place–on the website, TFC Facebook page, and even brochures and educational materials.

If you are interested in participating in our TFC Baby Search, please contact Wendy, our patient liaison at:

Congratulations on your miracle baby!

About Photo Submission
• We can only use high-resolution photos (a JPEG file size of around 500kb).
• We’ll need a signed photo release from mom or dad. Click here to print one
• If a professional studio owns the rights to the photo, we’ll need permission from that individual or studio.