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All About the Flu Shot for Fertility Patients

We strongly recommend the COVID-19 shot and the flu shot for fertility patients

We strongly recommend the COVID-19 shot and the flu shot for fertility patientsKeeping you healthy and safe while helping you have a baby is our goal at Texas Fertility Center. It’s why our team does everything from require regular monitoring appointments for IVF to making recommendations for lifestyle changes. It’s also why our Austin fertility clinic strongly recommends both the COVID-19 shot and the flu shot for fertility patients.

What do you need to know about the flu shot for fertility patients?

When you visit our Austin fertility clinic, your goal is to conceive and welcome a baby. Since pregnancy is your aim, you need to do everything you can to prepare for it. This includes taking a prenatal vitamin every day and eating a well-balanced diet. It also includes getting a flu shot.

If you catch influenza when you’re pregnant, you are more likely to have a serious case of the flu. This is due to the changes that occur during pregnancy in the immune system, heart and lungs. Thankfully, getting the flu shot can protect you and your growing baby in several ways.

  • The flu vaccination cuts your risk of catching the flu as a pregnant woman in half.
  • It also reduces your risk of being hospitalized with the flu by about 40%.
  • The shot can also protect your baby from the flu during the first few months of life, when your child is too young to be vaccinated.

All of these reasons are why we recommend the flu shot for fertility patients at our Austin fertility clinic.

What about the COVID-19 shot?

Whether you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, our doctors recommend getting the COVID-19 shot, if you haven’t already. Like the flu, COVID-19 can cause serious illness and complications for pregnant women. However, getting the COVID-19 shot can greatly reduce this risk for you and your developing baby.

As for fears that the COVID-19 vaccine can harm fertility and cause miscarriage, ongoing studies have shown them to be unfounded. As a result, for the health of you and your baby, we urge you to get the COVID-19 shot.

If you have more questions about the COVID-19 shot and the flu shot for fertility patients, please contact us. Our goal is to help you have a safe and healthy journey to parenthood.

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