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Research on AI for Embryo Screening – TFC at ASRM 2019

TFC to present exciting research about AI for embryo screening at ASRM 2019

TFC to present exciting research about AI for embryo screening at ASRM 2019Our Austin fertility center is a leader in fertility research. At ASRM 2019, we will be presenting original research that examines the role of AI for embryo screening. This groundbreaking abstract shows that it’s possible to identify chromosomal abnormalities in embryos using artificial intelligence. Texas Fertility Center Scientific Director Dr. Tex VerMilyea will be presenting these novel results at the national conference.

Exploring research on AI for embryo screening

In this study, our Austin fertility center and other research participants wanted to determine whether AI and computer vision technology can noninvasively find embryos with abnormalities for chromosome 16 and 21. The team analyzed 2D images of Day 5 embryos that underwent preimplantation genetic testing (PGT-A).

The findings of this research on AI for embryo screening will be presented at ASRM 2019 for a good reason.

  • AI was 81.5% accurate in detecting additions to chromosome 21.
  • The technology was 71% accurate in identifying all abnormalities in chromosome 21.
  • AI was 73.1% accurate in detecting abnormalities in chromosome 16.

These findings are exciting. This study shows that we can noninvasively identify features in embryos that are linked to chromosomal abnormalities. This is important because such abnormalities can cause implantation failure, miscarriage, Down syndrome and even developmental disorders like autism.

Collaborating with some of the brightest minds in reproductive medicine at ASRM 2019

Our Austin fertility center worked with Ovation® Fertility, Life Whisperer and California Fertility Partners to perform this research on AI for embryo screening. By teaming up, we have been able to produce groundbreaking research that can improve fertility treatment for patients around the country and the world. Such innovative advances in the field also further solidify TFC and Ovation’s collaborative approach to provide best practices and care for our patients.

According to Kaylen Silverberg MD, “Collaboration is one of the ways that we can expand the reach of Texas Fertility Center. We can have a greater impact on patients when we work with other leaders in the field of reproductive medicine. That’s what research and ASRM are all about.”

To learn more about the research at our Austin fertility center or ASRM 2019, contact us.

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