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Your Austin fertility center team attends ASRM 2015 educational meeting

imagesIn my past life (as in last year before Tommy was born), I was an elementary school teacher. I loved that I could keep learning. What we know now about best practice in education is drastically different from what we knew when I graduated college. Mounds of research have been poured into the field. The teachers who have taken advantage have been able to make tremendous differences in the lives of their students.

The only way I was able to grow as a teacher (and thereby improve the quality of my students’ academic experience) was to remain curious about education, and to apply what I was learning outside of the classroom to my work within it.

Austin fertility center physicians never stop learning

So with that in mind, I am grateful to be a patient at Texas Fertility Center, where physicians constantly stay abreast of the newest research in the field of reproductive medicine. But even more so, I am proud to be at a fertility clinic where physicians are nationally recognized as leaders who are also advancing the field of reproductive medicine.

This October, along with several TFC nurses, IVF coordinators, and administrative staff, Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, Dr. Lisa Hansard and IVF directors Tom Turner and Dr. Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea traveled to Baltimore to participate in the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). An annual event, the meeting is a place for those in the profession to network among the best fertility clinics in the country, discuss topics that are on the forefront of reproductive science, and learn about the latest advances in the field.

Dr. Silverberg presents PGS findings at ASRM 2015

Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, TFC medical director and the national clinical director for the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART), was one of the lead presenters in a standing-room only symposium that discussed the latest developments in preimplantation genetic screening (or PGS) during in-vitro fertilization.

Texas Fertility Center’s study demonstrated that the cost of PGS is worth its undertaking, as it can increase the chance for pregnancy, prevent recurrent miscarriage, and significantly reduce the risk of multiple gestation. Dr. Silverberg, along with Dr. Bruce Shapiro with the Fertility Center of Las Vegas, and Dr. Mark Hughes of Genesis Genetics, spoke before a room filled with other experts in reproductive medicine. They cited specifics on how PGS can improve the overall success of IVF for patients of all ages. Read more here.

I have grown spoiled by my know-it-all of a fertility specialist.

Any question I’ve ever posed at Texas Fertility Center is rapidly and fully answered. I have so often received a play-by-play of a study that was conducted, the results that were found, and most importantly, how this should give me hope.

The work that these Austin fertility center physicians embark upon in order to remain current in the field of reproductive medicine, more importantly–improving upon it, benefits us as patients. The investment they pour into their own learning makes a tremendous difference in the lives of those they treat.

Please contact the team at Texas Fertility Center to inquire about treatment options and learn about ASRM 2015.

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