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Beyond Birds and Bees: Learning about Fertility Treatments

August marks back-to-school season in Texas – Get fertility treatment facts

abcsAt TFC, we never graduate from our studies. Instead, we keep investing time and effort into improving on reproductive medicine and fertility treatment protocols. Check the TFC Fertility Research section of our website to plug into the current TFC studies, or trials. You can also get fertility treatment facts.

  • Women between age 35 and 42 considering IVF may qualify for our IVF study, the IVY study.
  • Women hoping to get pregnant with the help of Clomid/IUI should inquire about a study investigating how adding progesterone impacts pregnancy rates.

Resources to rely on while learning fertility treatment facts

While your fertility specialist invests time in clinical research, we encourage you to do a little homework of your own. Knowing the language and what to expect during fertility treatment will help you feel more in control of the process. Texas Fertility Center will supply you with patient resources that pertain to your unique diagnosis, and offer one-on-one support as you make decisions about your care.

Other options to seek out while learning about fertility treatment include:

Circle of Hope TFC Peer Support Group brings together TFC patients and members of the community facing infertility. Free gatherings are held monthly with the goal of answering questions, forging connections and raising awareness.

Get the reproductive facts from online content provided by a trusted source in the medical community. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine compiles fact sheets for men and women learning about fertility treatment, as well as top headlines in reproductive medicine, on its website designed just for patients.

Connect with TFC for fertility news, events and health tips. You already subscribe to our newsletter and blog posts, but did you know that TFC physicians contribute content to our social media sites: YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter? We want to hear from you so that we may address your questions while you are learning about fertility treatment.

Our website contains hundreds of fertility topics, and we encourage you to explore it. If you have a question, chances are we address it: IUI, IVF, donor services, genetic testing, injection tutorials, fertility preservation and fertility rescue.

You are not in this alone.

Contact us at TFC as you and your partner begin learning about fertility treatment and next steps for getting pregnant. We can share more fertility treatment facts.

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