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Boxers, Briefs and Male Fertility

Forget the fertility myths. It’s Valentine’s Day… have some fun

Sexy Men Heart Boxer Shorts
Heart Boxer Shorts

Fertility myths and treatment can be a real drag on a relationship. What was intimate becomes so technical: take these hormones, make this “deposit,” come in for an ultrasound, have timed intercourse. We follow all of the fertility rules. Often, just as added torture, we follow fertility myths.

Men: Don’t go near a bike. Don’t drink Mountain Dew. Wear boxers. Stay out of hot tubs.

Women: Don’t do anything aerobic. No more coffee. Eat pineapples. And so long, alcohol.

We become like pupils in a classroom, following the advice of everyone else and anxious for success. And, at least for Phillip and me, there were times when we had gotten so used to looking at our fertility doctor, our calendar, and the dreaded Internet that we stopped looking at each other.

Reclaiming the fun by ignoring fertility myths

I recently asked the TFC doctors about some of these fertility myths. Specifically, if the “boxers or briefs” question still held any validity.

“If that’s all you’re worried about, then you’re in great shape,” They replied. They called the matter “a throwback to the stone ages.”

As soon as they said that, I had the thought: There are people out there who, when trying to get pregnant, only worry about boxers versus briefs. What is that even like? To not worry about follicles, and uterine lining, and sperm counts and progesterone levels?

You know what? It sounds fun.

I’m throwing the fertility myths back where they belong… the stone ages.

Fertility treatment is the best option for Phillip and me to get pregnant. If I’m going to commit myself to this plan, then I’m going to do it wisely.

  • Follow my calendar
  • Take my fertility doctor’s advice
  • Make common sense choices about my health

But the other concerns? The “I heard through a grapevine that if you do (X), then it might increase your chances of becoming pregnant.” Those tales of lore are not making it onto my worry list. Fertility treatment can be hard enough work as it is—on our bodies and on our relationships. We don’t need the added stress of fertility myths.

So, in the pursuit of reclaiming some well-deserved enjoyment, I’m editing our Fertility Do’s and Don’ts:

Men: Get the kind of exercise that you enjoy. Don’t drink Mountain Dew past 4pm because that makes no sense. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Get in a hot tub… with your partner.

Women: Get the kind of exercise that you enjoy. Don’t drink coffee past 4pm because that makes no sense. Eat whatever makes you feel good. Have a glass of wine… with your partner.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends. Now get off the Internet and go look at each other. 

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