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Causes of Sexual Difficulty in Women

The causes of sexual difficulty in women

Causes of sexual difficulty in women can take many different forms. It can be a lack of libido, problems with arousal, lack of orgasm or pain with intercourse. Regardless of the reason, sexual problems often lead to psychological and emotional distress. Most women presenting for sexual complaints will have a combination of medical and psychological causes. An evaluation by both a physician and psychologist may be necessary for the best outcome.

Low libido – Sexual dysfunction in women

Although sexual pain is the most common reason for women to present for a sexual health evaluation, loss of libido is the most common cause of sexual distress. It can affect up to 43% of women. Lack of libido can affect women at any age and at any stage of their relationship. A ‘libido mismatch’ between partners can lead to tension in the relationship and impact how women feel about themselves.

Those that have distress caused by lack of sexual libido may not be who you would expect. They are often young, healthy, physically fit, professional women in a good and healthy relationship.

Common causes of low libido or other types of sexual dysfunction include:

  • Hormone alterations associated with menopause or prolonged use of oral contraceptives
  • Sexual pain from pelvic muscle strain, vaginal irritation, prior surgery or birth trauma that leads to anxiety
  • Erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety or loss of libido in their male partner
  • Arousal difficulties from antidepressants, breast feeding, nerve damage after surgery or medical diseases
  • Difficulty reconciling sexual feelings and expectations with cultural and sexual norms
  • Relationship difficulties outside the bedroom

Getting help and treatment

Talking about sexual problems can be very difficult. Even more so when your medical professional is not equipped to evaluate your condition. Finding a doctor or psychologist that has experience with sexual problems can give you the opportunity to take control of your sexual satisfaction. Contact us to learn more.

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