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Choosing a Fertility Surgeon

Three tips for choosing a fertility surgeon in Austin

When you find out that you need surgery, one of the first things on your mind is choosing a fertility surgeon. Our team of Austin fertility surgeons at Texas Fertility Center (TFC) understands how difficult this decision can be, so we are offering some tips to help.

Our Austin fertility surgeons’ tips for choosing a fertility surgeon

Choosing a fertility surgeon shouldn’t be stressful. With a little research, you can find a surgeon you trust to perform your procedure.

  1. Austin Fertility Expert, Tony Propst, MD - leiomyosarcoma
    Austin Fertility Expert, Tony Propst, MD

    Learn as much as you can about your surgeon. The more you know about your surgeon’s background and experience, the more confident you will feel about his or her ability to perform your procedure. You can learn more about our Austin fertility surgeons here. Each physician also has an individual listing that discusses their education, certifications and professional affiliations on our fertility specialists page.

  2. Ask questions about your surgeon’s experience. When choosing a fertility surgeon, it’s helpful to ask questions about their experience with the procedure you are having. Ask if they perform the surgery that you need often. Find out if the surgeon is specially trained in minimally invasive surgery or da Vinci robotic surgery, if you are interested in robotic surgery for your condition.
  3. Be certain that you feel comfortable asking your surgeon and their staff questions. Our surgeons encourage you to ask questions when choosing a fertility surgeon. The more informed you are, the more successfully you will follow instructions before and after surgery, ensuring a more successful recovery.

You should feel comfortable asking questions like these.

  • Are there any nonsurgical options I can try before having surgery?
  • Why do I need to have this surgery, and what happens if I choose not to have it?
  • What are the benefits, risks and complications associated with this operation?
  • What can I expect after the surgery and during recovery?

Our Austin fertility surgeons are experienced, highly trained and skilled

If you are choosing a fertility surgeon, our Austin fertility surgeons are here to answer your questions. Our team performs minimally invasive and robotic surgical techniques that provide a faster recovery and fewer complications than traditional surgery. To learn more, contact us.

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