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Thank you – Registering for Genetic Testing Day

Registering for pre-pregnancy genetic testing day

Thank you for registering for our pre-pregnancy genetic testing day, brought to you by our Austin fertility centers and Ovation Fertility. We are committed to helping families eradicate genetic disease. With today’s technology and forward-thinking parents, there is no reason for any child to suffer from the effects of devastating conditions such as Tay-Sachs, cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy or sickle cell disease.

What to expect at pre-pregnancy genetic testing day

  1. Come to our Austin fertility  center to learn more about what screening entails. We will have representatives from Ovation Fertility on hand to give an overview of what we test for in responsible carrier screening, meaning we only screen for defective genes that would result in life-altering conditions. Our board certified fertility specialists will be there to answer questions as well.
  2. A phlebotomist will draw your blood, or you will have the option for a cheek swab.
  3. Expect a call with genetic testing results within five to 10 business days.
  4. Follow up with us to discuss the results. If you are a carrier, we will arrange to have your partner tested. Autosomal recessive disorders occur when both partners test positive, so it’s imperative that the male and female partner are tested.

When both partners are genetic disease carriers with the same mutation, there is a 1 in 4 chance that their offspring will have the active form of the disease.

No one would knowingly put their baby at risk for a life-altering genetic disease. Taking proactive steps, like pre-pregnancy genetic testing, inquiring into preventative treatment and opting for fertility treatment, can bring you peace of mind.

Congratulations on your decision to know for sure. We believe that the results of your genetic screening are as important as prenatal vitamins, regular visits to your obstetrician and good health habits during pregnancy.

Please contact us at our Austin fertility center if you have questions about preconception carrier screening or our pre-pregnancy genetic testing day.