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Donor and Gestational Carrier Monitoring

If your clinic would like for Texas Fertility Center to monitor your progress they will need to submit a written order. Your physician’s office can obtain the necessary information to coordinate your appointment by calling (512)451-0149  option #4.

Once this order has been obtained you may contact the Monitoring Department at Texas Fertility Center to schedule your appointment.  You will need to complete our Patient Demographics form prior to scheduling your appointment.  If you need monitoring for any other type of service please visit the Outside Patient Monitoring section of our website.

Contact Information
Monitor Department
Phone (512)451-0149  option #4
Fax (512)451-0977

Fertility Story

Embryo Clearinghouse

The Department of Health and Human Services, the State of Texas and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine took steps to bring this program to life. TFC supported a bill that would have created a clearinghouse for embryo donation. HB1145 died in committee in April 2015, but it’s important to maintain momentum that began with HB1145.