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IVF Guarantee Program

Our IVF guarantee program takes the uncertainty out of egg donation

Ovation Fertility™ Donor Services created the world’s first IVF guarantee program for hopeful parents who want more certainty and peace of mind on their journey to parenthood.

Because of variety of challenges, including advanced maternal age, premature ovarian failure, the presence of an inheritable genetic condition, or a history of recurrent miscarriage, many hopeful parents need to utilize donor eggs. Our IVF guarantee program guarantees that the embryos resulting from an egg donation cycle provide the best possible chance of developing into a healthy pregnancy.

How our IVF guarantee program works

If their physician determines that the hopeful parents’ best chance of developing a healthy pregnancy is through IVF with donor eggs, we will work with them to select the ideal donor from our database at Ovation Fertility. The donor cycle process will then begin within 30 days of the paperwork finalization.

The Ovation Fertility Donor Services IVF guarantee program eliminates much of the uncertainty as hopeful parents move through this process. It gives them the assurance that they will end up with one or two euploid (chromosomally normal) embryos, depending on the plan they choose.

If the initial donor does not produce the guaranteed number of euploid embryos, the hopeful parents can choose another donor – free of charge – until they receive one or two euploid embryos. To qualify for the guarantee, the male partner must be able to produce healthy sperm.

How we can offer this guarantee

Our IVF guarantee program is made possible by various factors.

Premium donor eggs. Only the highest quality egg donors are included in our donor database. To ensure we only accept donors who can produce eggs with the highest likelihood of developing into healthy embryos, we carefully and thoroughly screen our donors. All donors undergo comprehensive medical and psychological counseling, in addition to extensive screening for genetic, psychological and physical health abnormalities, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Leading-edge preimplantation genetic screening (PGS). The state-of-the art services at our laboratories help us be able to offer our IVF guarantee program. After donor eggs have been retrieved and fertilized, the resulting embryos are tested for chromosomal abnormalities using our advanced technology.

The all-inclusive price of our IVF guarantee program includes donor compensation, donor medications, clinic fees, IVF lab fees and genetic testing.

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Fertility Story

Embryo Clearinghouse

The Department of Health and Human Services, the State of Texas and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine took steps to bring this program to life. TFC supported a bill that would have created a clearinghouse for embryo donation. HB1145 died in committee in April 2015, but it’s important to maintain momentum that began with HB1145.