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Egg Freezing Seminars

As egg freezing becomes more popular, more egg freezing seminars are popping up. See what the fuss is all about

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Texas Fertility Center has seen egg freezing grow in popularity ever since the American Society for Reproductive Medicine announced in 2012 that egg freezing was no longer experimental. Fertility doesn’t last forever, so many women are flocking to egg freezing seminars, like those offered by our Austin fertility center, to learn how to preserve their fertility through egg freezing.

Egg freezing seminars show women how to take control of their fertility

Until recently, if a woman wanted to start a family, she had to act fast. With egg freezing, women can now focus on education, career and finding the perfect partner before they have to think about starting a family. This is the appeal of egg freezing.

The surge in egg freezing seminars is a direct response to the growing popularity of egg freezing. There are many options for egg freezing seminars, so it’s important to select one that will help you make an informed decision about egg freezing.

Texas Fertility Center started offering monthly seminars in 2015 to educate women about preserving their fertility through egg freezing. Each month, the seminars rotate between our Austin fertility center and our San Antonio location.

Seminars are not parties

  • Our seminars are located in our professional and private offices, not a bar or a restaurant.
  • The format of our small-group seminars is casual but informative.
  • Unlike some egg freezing parties, we do not serve alcohol. Egg freezing is a medical procedure, and we don’t want your judgment to be impaired by alcohol. However, we do offer non-alcoholic beverages and snacks.

The primary goal of our seminars is to provide information about fertility awareness and family planning

Our Austin fertility center views our seminars as an opportunity to educate the public about egg freezing as an option for fertility preservation. Since a woman’s eggs decrease in quality and quantity with age, we recommend that women in their 20s and early 30s start considering egg freezing if they want to delay getting pregnant.

Once you realize that you want to take advantage of egg freezing technology, you’ll have to select a fertility center. Many fertility centers report that they can freeze eggs. However, not all of them can say that they have had live births as a result of egg freezing. Texas Fertility Center is one of the few fertility centers that can say this. Our Austin fertility center had its first live birth from egg freezing in July 2011, before other clinics had even started using the technology.

Want to attend an egg freezing seminar at Texas Fertility Center? Contact us to learn where this month’s seminar will be held.


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