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Endometriosis and Infertility

Between 40 to 65 percent of women with are affected by endometriosis and infertility problems

Our Austin endometriosis doctors are experts in infertility. When they make a diagnosis of endometriosis, they will develop a medical, surgical or combined treatment plan to help the patient both manage the symptoms of endometriosis and help them with their infertility issues so that they can have the family they desire.

Even if no symptoms are present, sometimes our Austin endometriosis doctors will suspect that a patient has endometriosis

When we see a patient and conduct a physical examination at Texas Fertility Center, we may see something during the exam that makes us suspect endometriosis. We may also see signs of endometriosis during an ultrasound, or we may become suspicious when we look at your family history and see that you have a relative with endometriosis.

Being able to detect the more subtle signs of endometriosis comes with experience, and that is what our Austin endometriosis doctors offer our patients—expertise from years of working with women to diagnose and treat endometriosis.

If you would like to discuss endometriosis with our physicians, contact us.