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The Future of Health: Accessing Fertility Breakthroughs

If you watch Good Morning America, you may have caught a segment on The Future of Health.

Austin TX - Fertility Research Robin Roberts and WebMD spotlighted five areas in which breakthrough technology is changing the way we practice medicine. These included 3D printing, obesity treatments, wireless medicine, advances in vision and infertility.

Our Texas Fertility Center team draws attention to leading-edge treatments. We applaud the womb transplant and freezing milestones that were spotlighted in the segment. We even lead our own fertility research efforts right here in Austin.

Womb transplants

Women born with MRKH, which causes irreversible uterine infertility, have a second chance at bearing their own children. This is after a first-ever womb transplant originating at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Baby Vincent is the new Baby Louise (the first IVF baby). His birth received a standing ovation at a physician conference.

Ovarian tissue freezing and egg freezing

Many reasons exist for preserving fertility. A single discovery makes the proactive treatment possible. Vitrification is a process that protects delicate egg cells from deteriorating upon freezing and thawing. The Future of Health highlithed it, and it is available at TFC. Women can either choose donor eggs to achieve pregnancy, or they can freeze their own eggs prior to cancer treatment or to delay family building for other reasons.

Fertility breakthroughs make pregnancy possible

In addition to these fertility breakthroughs, TFC is doing ongoing studies, including the Prospect Study to analyze early embryo development. These studies and emerging protocols have changed the way we practice reproductive medicine in the last decade.

  • Oocyte vitrifiction allows women to freeze the biological clock.
  • PGD prior to embryo transfer screens for inheritable genetic disease.
  • eSET, or elective single embryo transfer, nearly eliminates the risk for multiples.

Our fertility specialists have actively researched and brought to market fertility breakthroughs for over 30 years. If you worry that infertility will stand in your way of a pregnancy, contact our fertility specialists. We have the basic and advanced treatments to help you achieve your goal of becoming a parent.

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