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Fertility Preservation Coverage Update

Redefining infertility: What fertility preservation coverage in Connecticut means to Texas

Fertility Preservation Coverage UpdateInsurance coverage for egg freezing? The physicians at our Austin fertility center have been following a change in Connecticut law that will allow insured individuals to undergo fertility preservation, if it’s medically necessary. Our fertility specialists explain what you need to know about this law and how it could influence fertility preservation coverage.

The change in Connecticut law is a win for fertility preservation advocates

Think of fertility preservation as a family-building insurance policy. Men and women who want to delay starting a family can freeze eggs, sperm or embryos. Some people select fertility preservation because they are not ready to start a family. They are still focusing on their career or finding the right partner. In other cases, men and women select it as a way to preserve their fertility after a diagnosis of cancer.

Right now, fertility treatments are partially covered in Connecticut and 15 other “mandate states,” including Texas. However, the new law will allow men and women in Connecticut with a medical need for fertility preservation to receive coverage.

Connecticut formerly defined infertility as “the condition of a presumably healthy individual, who is unable to conceive or produce conception or sustain a successful pregnancy during a one-year period.” The new law removes the words, “presumably healthy,” to extend treatment to individuals when “treatment is medically necessary.”

This change in language is a huge step. It opens up fertility treatments to people who will need to undergo life-saving medical treatments. According to Kaylen Silverberg, M.D., “The change in Connecticut law means that men and women who are facing cancer and other medical threats to their fertility can look toward the future and make plans to build a family.”

Could Texas see a change in fertility preservation coverage?

Our physicians actively lobby and speak with lawmakers and insurance companies. They talk about expanding insurance coverage for men and women who are dealing with infertility. “At Texas Fertility Center, we strongly believe that cost should not stand in the way of a family. Our physicians advocate for change, and we applaud Connecticut’s new legislation as a win for patients and future parents.”

It’s still uncertain what the change in Connecticut law will mean for Texas. However, after the American Medical Association’s recent decision to start classifying infertility as a disease, our Austin fertility center predicts that we might see greater coverage for fertility treatments in the future.

If you have received a cancer diagnosis and you want to know more about preserving your fertility, please call our Austin fertility center today. We will “fast track” your fertility preservation plan, so there is minimal impact on your oncology treatments.

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