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Fertility Preservation for Women

Don’t let a diagnosis sacrifice your dreams. Learn about fertility preservation for women

As a result of recent research that has been performed in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility we now have fertility preservation options that can be employed very effectively – preferably before – but frequently even after chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery.

Women who seek assistance prior to chemotherapy or radiation can have their eggs (oocytes) retrieved for either egg freezing (cryopreservation) or embryo freezing. In addition, some women who are going to subsequently undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy may elect to have treatment with medications such as Depot Lupron, in the hope of minimizing the adverse effect of the cancer therapy on their ovaries.

Similarly, women who are going to undergo radiation therapy may desire to have their ovaries surgically relocated within the pelvis. Ovaries can be placed higher in the pelvis and potentially out of the area that will subsequently be affected by radiation, minimizing the overall dose of radiation they receive.

The resumption of normal ovarian function following chemotherapy, radiation, or surgical treatment is very variable. Even if hormonal production becomes normal again, that does not guarantee that egg production will do so as well.

Fertility preservation for the future

Due to significant advances in cancer treatment, more and more patients are surviving cancer and proceeding with their desire to start or expand their family. Cryopreservation helps to preserve your eggs, embryos, or sperm until you decide it’s time to enlarge your family.

When that time comes, you will schedule a follow up appointment with your TFC physician to design a unique treatment plan using your preserved eggs, sperm, or embryos.

We hope that, when cancer or other serious illness strikes, you will consider trusting TFC with your future fertility. It is our goal to give you the very best care possible during a potentially difficult time – and help you to expand your fertility options so that you can ultimately have the family of your dreams.

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