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Total Fertility Care Program

 Texas Fertility Center offers total fertility care to the Austin community

TFC Peer Support GroupMany times the people we surround ourselves with – friends, co-workers, family members – don’t offer adequate support because they can’t empathize or don’t identify with the realities of infertility. Well-meaning advice can often do more harm than good. “Just accept it and move on” is not helpful to couples working hard towards conception.

No one understands the challenges you’ll face, as an individual and a couple, better than others experiencing infertility.  For this reason, Texas Fertility Center has established our TFC Peer Support Group held every month.

“There has been mounting evidence that group support and social support in general can lead to a healthier view and better overall quality of life.“

Your questions answered, your hope restored

Texas Fertility Center’s programs are open to both TFC patients and anyone in the community experiencing infertility, and there is no charge to attend. These infertility seminars were designed to bring comfort, raise awareness, and increase your chances for a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Lab tests don’t define you. The entire Texas Fertility Center staff sees the “total” patient and encourages potential parents to explore what that means at monthly Total Fertility Care seminars. Call or email to reserve your place at a Total Fertility Care seminar and get connected to other TFC patients who share your desire to become a parent.