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Fertility Scorecard Ranks States Commitment to Fertility Care

Review the Fertility Scorecard

Texas Fertility Center applauds the efforts of RESOLVE to bring attention to infertility issues. The state of Texas hovers near the middle of the state rankings, with a disappointing 30th place and C grade. TFC explains why our state is not perceived as ‘fertility friendly.’ We also explain the steps our Austin fertility doctors take locally and on a national level to advocate for the infertility community. Our goal is to help patients and improve the fertility scorecard.

Fertility Friendly? How States Rank with RESOLVE’s fertility scorecard

A collaborative effort between RESOLVE and EMD Serono (a pharmaceutical company that develops fertility therapies) resulted in the online State Fertility Scorecard.  A color-coded map by letter grade (A-F) gives you an idea of how few states score well (only Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland and New Jersey earned As).

Criteria for achieving a fertility-friendly status:

1) Insurance mandates for infertility coverage
2) Laws and legislation related to infertility
3) Ratio of fertility clinics to infertility population
4) Ratio of RESOLVE support groups to infertility population

A TFC self-evaluation, based on the Fertility Scorecard categories, would probably look something like this:

(We’re biased, of course, but we will attempt to assess fairly and critically, taking into account our 30-year track record for fertility advocacy)

Is TFC fertility-friendly?

FERTILITY INSURANCE: Dr. Silverberg continues to actively lobby in Washington D.C. for the Family Act of 2013, which would provide a fertility tax credit to patients undergoing treatment. TFC doctors also continuously educate insurance companies about the benefits of providing expanded coverage.

FERTILITY LAWS: Both Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Silverberg have testified repeatedly over the years before the Texas state legislature. Their actions lead to passage of laws protecting the use of donor sperm, donor eggs, and donor embryos.

FERTILITY CLINICS: As one of the most wide-reaching fertility practices in the state, Texas Fertility Center serves the infertility community from Temple and Fort Hood, through Georgetown, Cedar Park and Austin, down to San Antonio and Corpus Christi.

FERTILITY SUPPORT: We support the actions of RESOLVE, and we are resolved to help our patients access the support they need – through seminars, referrals to licensed psychologists and compassionate care here at TFC.

You decide if TFC makes the grade for providing effective fertility care, and going above and beyond to raise awareness for infertility causes. Tell us what you think! Contact us to learn more.

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