Fertility Testing Special

Learn More About Your Fertility

Knowledge is power, and preparation is the key to success, especially when it comes to family-building. This is why Texas Fertility Center (TFC) offers the latest ways to measure your fertility potential.

When you know more about your fertility, you can make plans for the future to make sure that you can have the family of your dreams – now or later.

Baseline Fertility Testing – Get the Facts

The team at TFC believes it’s important to be proactive about family-building. That’s why TFC is offering a special baseline fertility test.* This test will assess your fertility hormone levels and give you information about your current and future fertility potential.

Follow these five easy steps to learn more about your fertility.

1. Order a fertility testing kit. As a special, limited-time offer, it’s only $55.
2. Pickup your testing kit at a TFC location.
3. Fill out the testing kit form. Please fill out the form completely and include your insurance information.
4. Have your blood drawn at a CPL lab on the third day of your menstrual cycle. Your lab draw fee is included in the $55 special pricing.
5. Receive your test results from TFC.

*This testing does not take the place of a full fertility work-up.

No appointment is necessary. To get started and get your test enroll below.

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