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Is the Flu Vaccine Advised During Fertility Treatment?

The facts about flu shots and pregnancy

15734498_sDr. Erika Munch concurs with the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Pregnant women and women trying to get pregnant should receive a vaccination for influenza … unless medical contraindications exist. This means you don’t need to worry about the perceived dangers of flu shots and pregnancy.

Flu shots and pregnancy – The vaccines do not cause the flu

Evidence does not support the misconception that vaccines cause the flu. What’s more, there is a mercury-free alternative to the industry standard preservative Thimersol. It goes into large batches of the vaccine to prevent the growth of bacteria once opened.

Obstetricians consider single dose flu vaccines safe for pregnant women and their babies. Healthcare professionals open single-dose flu shots only once, eliminating the need for a preservative.

If you are pregnant or could become pregnant: Get a flu vaccine to protect yourself and your baby from illness and complications of the flu. Insist on the inactivated influenza vaccine, not the live vaccine in nasal mist form, at any time prior to or during your pregnancy. Your obgyn will advise you to get a flu shot regardless of the trimester. Clearly, there’s no dangerous link between flu shots and pregnancy.

The CDC Recommends 3 Steps to Avoid the Flu:

  1. Get the flu vaccine by October, or as early as possible in the flu season.
  2. If you get the flu, seek early treatment.
  3. Practice preventative actions (wash your hands, cover your cough, avoid touching your mouth and nose and avoid close contact with sick people).

“At Texas Fertility Center San Antonio, we encourage our entire staff to get a flu shot, and stay at home when they are sick. Like you, we want to avoid the discomfort and possible health complications associated with the flu.”

It’s important to take care of yourself while undergoing infertility treatment. Planning to get a flu vaccine now, in the early part of flu season, can help keep you on track during fertility treatment cycles. Dr. Munch and our San Antonio fertility center staff have every expectation that fertility treatment will lead to a positive outcome.

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