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Father’s Day and infertility – We help make fatherhood possible

6724228_s (1)Father’s Day and infertility can be difficult. TFC recognizes that for the 1 in 8 couples that struggle with infertility, the commitment begins before birth. If you are working on starting a family, Texas Fertility Center offers tips for boosting sperm health and maximizing your fertility potential.

When you are trying to conceive, it’s important to focus on a healthy lifestyle and maintain an optimal body mass index (BMI). Next, know the facts about fertility. One-third of cases involve male factors. If a year has passed, it’s time to assess the situation with semen analysis testing at a urologist or fertility clinic. When your partner is over 35, seek help sooner.

Some proactive steps that you can take to enhance your reproductive health and boost sperm health include

Forget boxers versus briefs. No data exists to back up the claim that boxers are preferable to briefs in boosting male fertility. Wear what you like.

Enlist tech support. Protect your testicles from the heat and radiation exposure emitted from laptop computers and cell phones. Avoid carrying cell phones in your front pocket, and use a solid surface for laptop computing.

No butts about it: Stop smoking. Cigarette smoke affects sperm health, and puts a man’s offspring at risk for damaged DNA.

Don’t save up sperm. Regular sexual intercourse keeps sperm active and moving. Shoot for twice weekly, or every-other-day attempts at trying to conceive, and know when your partner is ovulating for the optimal time to get pregnant.

>>>Deadline oriented guys: If you were to conceive a child on September 28, your partner’s estimated due date is on Father’s Day 2015.

You can start focusing on male fertility in the summer months here in Austin and Round Rock:

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle by getting outdoors for a hike or jog up Mount Bonnell.
  • Avoid saunas and hot tubs, and take a cool dip in Barton Springs instead.
  • Work with a fertility specialist at one of Texas Fertility Center’s five Austin, Roundrock and San Antonio area locations.

We know it’s not easy to talk about male fertility, but a reproductive endocrinologist is experienced at addressing sensitive male health issues in a respectful and supportive manner. If you are having trouble getting pregnant, simple changes or minimally invasive testing and treatment can turn the situation around. Contact Texas Fertility Center to move beyond male infertility to Father’s Day.

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