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Getting Ready for 2011 Fertility Treatments

Make this your year with 2011 fertility treatments

Now that the holidays are winding down and we look forward to the New Year, the timing could not be better to become “fertility ready”. What this means is getting information, getting motivated, and getting a plan. This is part of moving forward with 2011 fertility treatments.

Moving forward with 2011 fertility treatments

What kind of information is available? Reliable? Important? I do not recommend consulting Dr. Google for this. There are several very informative, non–biased websites with great resources. Besides the information sections on, check out or

Understanding your insurance benefits for diagnostic testing and treatment is also helpful. If you are unable to find the details on your insurance company website, contact one of the insurance specialists at TFC to help you navigate your plan.

Other steps to take this year

Take an honest, realistic look at your health and lifestyle. If necessary, explore avenues for optimizing overall wellness. Being the proper weight, getting adequate rest, avoiding harmful substances, taking prenatal vitamins can help with fertility. Make the appointment to see a fertility specialist if you have been out of treatment for a while. Remember, not pursuing evaluation and treatment is a decision to not become pregnant. Nike says it best: Just Do It.

Once you have completed your evaluation and had an opportunity to talk about treatment options with your doctor, find a relaxing time to sit down with your partner and formulate a plan of action. My advice is to not undertake this on the day you start your period and have just devoured a half gallon of Rocky Road ice cream and a box of Kleenex, nor during an NFL playoff game. You want to be able to focus on each other without distractions to rationally and unemotionally discuss your comfort level with the treatment plan under consideration. If a particular treatment is going to result in pregnancy, it usually does so within 3 to 4 cycles. For instance, if you decide to pursue superovulation with intrauterine insemination, you can decide ahead of time that your limit will be three tries before moving on to the next stage. Getting your period will still be extremely disappointing if it happens, but you will also be able to look forward to the next cycle if you have made that decision ahead of time.

The New Year is full of new possibilities. Contact us and ready for this to be your year to conceive.

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