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Good Call: Erin Preserved Her Fertility

Erin’s story of hope and egg freezing

After a breast cancer diagnosis, you will make many phone calls. If you still plan to get pregnant and start or add to your family, one of those calls should be to a fertility specialist. Erin called Texas Fertility Center and Dr. Kaylen Silverberg after she found out that she had breast cancer. Like her mother, Erin was diagnosed at age 39. Survival rates have climbed, and women with Stage 1 breast cancer have a cure rate of over 90% with early detection and targeted treatment (surgery, radiation or chemotherapy). That’s why she looked to us for hope and egg freezing.

When it comes to hope and egg freezing, we’re forward thinking

Texas Fertility Center physicians want to make sure that cancer treatment doesn’t put a stop to plans to get pregnant after cancer. Fertility centers like ours in work closely with cancer specialists to coordinate care. In Erin’s case, her oncologist made her aware of fertility options. He informed her that chemotherapy could result in premature menopause. To protect her reproductive health, Erin would need to expedite hope and egg freezing at TFC.

Texas Fertility Center fast-tracks treatment cycles (fertility rescue)

The TFC team performed Erin’s egg retrieval on a Monday. She began life-saving chemotherapy the very next day.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we routinely learn about preventative steps, detection methods and the importance of regular SBEs and mammograms before a diagnosis. For women like Erin, knowing the facts about fertility preservation will lead to a brighter future after breast cancer.

Learn more about fertility rescue by contacting us. We can help you find hope in the face of a cancer diagnosis by providing leading-edge egg freezing services.

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