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How to Give Fertility Injections

Our team explains how to give fertility injections and minimize discomfort

Our team explains how to give fertility injections and minimize discomfortMany women who are undergoing fertility treatment find themselves suddenly immersed in their own personal pharmacy. There are medications to swallow, ones to take at certain times of the month and others to inject. At our Austin fertility center, we understand how overwhelming it can be. We want to empower patients by teaching them how to give fertility injections in a way that can limit discomfort, pain and anxiety.

How to give fertility injections like a pro

Before patients at our Austin fertility center start mixing and administering their fertility medication, they receive a lot of training. This is essential to make sure patients learn how to give fertility injections, stay safe and use their medications effectively. However, right before the patients need to self-administer the shot, they may feel anxious. Here’s how to limit discomfort.

  • Rotate injection sites. With your provider’s instructions, learn where you can administer the shot and rotate between the sites to allow them to heal between doses.
  • Ensure temperature control. Applying ice to the injection site can help numb the area and reduce pain. Ice the area for about five minutes and then clean it with an alcohol swab before the injection.
  • Allow the alcohol to dry. It’s tempting to just get it over with when you’re about to administer an injection. However, allowing the alcohol to dry on your skin first will reduce stinging during and after the shot.
  • Practice deep breathing. Think of it as early practice for your eventual Lamaze training! Focusing on your breath can help you avoid focusing on the discomfort of the injection.

Our providers have extensive training and have taught hundreds of patients how to give injections. If you are struggling to find solutions to injection challenges, don’t hesitate to contact our office for advice about how to give fertility injections.

Support on your fertility journey

At our Austin fertility center, you are more than just a number. We are personally involved in helping you find the fertility solutions you need. We understand the many ups and downs physically and emotionally that go along with the fertility journey and we are ready to help you get through it. To find hope and support on your fertility journey, contact our office.

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