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How Will Life Change After COVID-19?

Will life change after COVID-19?

There’s no doubt that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic disrupted our lives unlike anything else we’ve ever experienced. As states lift their stay-at-home orders, many people are wondering if the world will change after COVID-19. Our Austin fertility doctors wondered the same thing, so we’ve created a list of ways we think life will be a little bit different going forward.

How will the world change after COVID-19?

The rise of telemedicine is one of the biggest (and most relevant) changes for our team. As many hopeful parents have been stuck at home, our Austin fertility doctors have utilized new technologies to offer them a way to receive care through telemedicine. 

Many patients discovered they enjoyed the comfort of meeting with their doctor at home, and found they got the same level of individualized care. They also couldn’t deny the appeal of avoiding Austin’s traffic. For these reasons, we believe that telemedicine may well be here to stay for appointments that don’t require a physical exam.

In addition to telemedicine, here are some other ways the world may change after COVID-19.

  • Other activities move online. During the stay-at-home order, everything from classes to happy hours went virtual out of necessity. However, after seeing how successful remote options can be, more people are starting to embrace these options by choice.
  • More hygiene and less personal touch. No one can say that they don’t know how to wash their hands correctly now. The fear of contracting viruses in the future will help keep good hygiene habits in place. You may also expect to see fewer handshakes in the workplace and have hugs be reserved for those closest to us.
  • Face masks become fashionable. For many states, facemasks, or courtesy covers, are a must when going out in public. As a result, many apparel companies are creating cloth masks in different styles and colors. Even after the face mask mandates go away, people will likely keep wearing them.

Embracing an increased focus on health

The final change after COVID-19 is focusing more on our health. After seeing how fragile life can be, more of us are taking steps to stay healthy and strong. This includes eating right, exercising and managing daily stress, which are all ways you can optimize your natural fertility. We can’t think of a better bonus.

If you have more questions about what to expect as we emerge from COVID-19, contact our Austin fertility doctors. You can also schedule an appointment to get started on your fertility journey.

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