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Independence from Infertility: Helping Our Heroes Start Families


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You may have seen this heartwarming picture on the Texas Fertility Center Facebook page. Every day is a happy homecoming when you are a daddy. Tragically, some of our nation’s heroes come home from active service with infertility issues. Whether it’s falling victim to the statistics, 1 in 8 couples of reproductive age face infertility, or service-related injuries that affect reproductive health, we reach out to help.

TFC military discounts put a family within teach

Our Austin, Round Rock and San Antonio fertility clinics have a long history of providing discounted services to our military. Since 2000, TFC has reduced physician fees for our service men and women. We recognize the sacrifices they have made for our country

The U.S. Department of the Army even awarded Dr. Kaylen M. Silverberg and Texas Fertility Center a Certificate of Appreciation for “selfless and dedicated service” to female soldiers within the Fort Hood community.

This July, our fertility discounts for military grow to include a new program called Compassionate Corps. Through this program, medically retired service men and women who have sustained injuries rendering them infertile can qualify for free fertility medication.

Thank a soldier by sharing the good news

If you have friends or family who are active or retired military and are struggling with infertility, please tell them there is hope. The cost of IVF should not prevent them from starting a family. As part of this new initiative:

  • TFC discounts physician fees by 50% for self-pay military patients.
  • Compassionate Care discounts fertility drugs by 25-75% for uninsured, active and retired military.
  • Compassionate Corps provides free fertility drugs to uninsured, medically retired military (and spouses) with fertility impairing injuries.

Every 4th of July, we pause to remember our founding fathers, and give hope to the men struggling to become fathers, and women who wish to become mothers. Contact us at TFC to learn more about our fertility discounts for military personnel and their spouses.

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