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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Infertility

Valentine’s Day with infertility

“Let’s try and make a baby.” Those whispered words used to thrill you. Now, uttering them kills the mood faster than black socks and boxer shorts. However, we have some tips to help with Valentine’s Day and infertility.

Did you know? The piercing of a woman’s skin was once believed to induce fertility. Hence, Cupid’s arrow. You can call your partner Cupid when he or she injects your fertility medicine this month!

Tips for Valentine’s Day and infertility

Get out for Valentine’s Day and infertility. Unlike nearly every other major holiday that spotlights children, Valentine’s Day exclusively courts couples. No kids? No problem! February reserves the 14th just for you, so use it to reconnect, even in the face of ongoing stress and the demands of infertility.

Sharing a mutually enjoyable experience like live theater or music, a hike, festival or class reinforces that you are compatible, with shared interests and a history together. You don’t have to plan a special outing on the 14th with crowds and set menus, but make it a habit to get out together, this and every month. And that doesn’t include your fertility treatment appointments!

Give yourself a break. As a special pick-me-up this month, why not shop for a dress or lingerie that makes you feel beautiful and rekindle the flame.

Plan for a little spontaneity for Valentine’s Day and infertility. If your doctor currently prescribes fertility medications to suppress, trigger or induce ovulation, timing sex is out of your control. To get pregnant on your own, though, have sex 5 days before you ovulate, every other day, plus one extra day after for good measure. Sperm survive in the woman’s body for 5-7 days, while a woman’s released egg has a 24-hour lifespan. Contact us for more information.

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