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Male Birth Control: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

Exploring the world of male birth control

We have many advanced treatment24557409_sts that circumvent male infertility. We have techniques to find and retrieve sperm. While fertility specialists find new ways to make pregnancy possible, there are researchers finding new ways to prevent it. We’re talking about male birth control.

Condoms, which appeared in 1564, and oral contraceptives are the two most common forms of contraception. These options don’t interfere with plans to get pregnant when a couple is at long-last trying to conceive.

However, today’s permanent male birth control challenges even the most skilled surgeon. Vasectomy reversal has limited success rates. However, IVF offers a Plan B for couples determined to conceive after a vasectomy.

Developments could affect future fertility

New headline-grabbing methods of male birth control has TFC fertility specialists concerned about the implications for addressing male infertility should these come to market in the next decade.

  • A male injection promises an alternative to vasectomy, and uses a polymer gel to disrupt sperm in the vas deferens.
  • H2-gamendazole, currently being tested on animals and closest to clinical trials, stops the testes from producing sperm (spermatogenesis).
  • JQ1 is in earlier stages of testing. The molecule prevents the bromodomain protein from reminding cells of their function, and theoretically can prevent sperm cells from doing their duty.

“While it’s not likely that these developments will gain FDA clearance anytime soon, we are concerned when a temporary solution for contraception could prevent a pregnancy when a couple decides to start a family,” says Tony Propst, reproductive endocrinologist and male infertility specialist.

Bridging the gap between male infertility and a family requires fertility specialists to anticipate challenges ahead in reproductive medicine. If you have had a vasectomy and wish to restore fertility, we can help. Contact the experts at Texas Fertility Center in Round Rock, Austin and San Antonio.


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