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Meet Texas Fertility Center Miracle Baby Adelynn “Addie”

Wendy dances, and so does her miracle baby in Austin

AddieTulleyFor 15 years, Wendy has taught preschool children to dance. She remembers how heartbreakingly difficult it was to walk into class on the day she learned of her second miscarriage. “I thought that, hopefully, I will be known as ‘mommy’ one day in addition to ‘Miss Wendy.’”

She and her husband Brandon had tried for three years to get pregnant, much of that time spent taking Clomid and hoping for the best with an unexplained infertility diagnosis and two heartbreaking miscarriages. However, they would eventually have a miracle baby in Austin.

A Texas Fertility Center diagnosis and positive pregnancy

Her first appointment with TFC revealed a previously undiscovered uterine septum, and subsequent blood testing showed markers for a treatable condition that can cause miscarriage. After her fertility specialist, Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, performed septum surgery and modified protocols for her IUI cycles, Wendy found out she was pregnant. Read more about her fertility journey here.

Adelynn Faith will be almost 21 months old when her family attends their first Texas Fertility Center Baby Reunion.

“We decided on her middle name even before her first because of the faith that carried us on the journey to have her,” says Wendy. “Sometimes faith was all I could hang on to. We wanted to be parents more than anything so we held on.”

She says hearing about the Baby Reunion was hard when they were still trying, but it gave them hope.

“This event exists because people going through infertility are successful,” says Wendy. “It’s hard to imagine that something so difficult can have a happy ending, but here we are. I’m sensitive to my friends and those still undergoing treatment. It’s hard to understand how bittersweet a holiday like Mother’s Day or the Baby Reunion can be unless you’ve been through it.”

Addie’s family legacy – A miracle baby in Austin

Wendy and her husband Brandon grew up in Houston, but didn’t meet until they were in their early 30s. A high school networking website brought them together, and they had a long distance relationship between Austin, where Brandon was living, and Houston.

Eventually, the couple discovered that Brandon’s grandparents introduced Wendy’s grandparents when they were teenagers. The two families were close friends through the years while Brandon’s and Wendy’s mothers grew up. Somehow, the star-crossed lovers didn’t meet until decades after they were born.

“That’s our story,” says Wendy. “We think that it’s amazing that we can show Addie pictures of two sets of her great grandparents together!”

The happy mom says, “We are hoping and trying for another baby right now.” Perhaps that family legacy will grow in the months ahead.

If you have a Texas Fertility Center Miracle Baby and would like to attend the annual Baby Reunion, please register here. You could have the next miracle baby in Austin.


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