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Eeva Dish, IVF study provides parents with baby’s first home movie

EEVA dish photoAnyone planning on IVF can take part in a study that precisely tracks an embryo’s development (Eeva Dish).  After fertilization, the new technology uses time-lapse microscope imaging and a computer model. It can predict the most viable embryos for transfer to the uterus. TFC is one of a few select fertility centers in the United States involved with this IVF study.

Looking back on grading embryos before Eeva Dish

Grading embryos has evolved from visual inspection (morphology) to select the most likely candidates for implantation. This new non-invasive method from the reproductive healthcare company Auxogyn employs a microscope that uses time-lapse enabled photography to track an embryo’s cell division and proprietary software to predict embryo development, from the pronucleus stage on Day 1 to the 1-cell stage on Day 2. This represents an improvement from having to wait until the blastocyst stage on Day 5 to gauge viability.

“When a normal embryo’s cells divide and multiply, we see the embryo reach certain growth milestones in a rather predictable pattern,” says Dr. Anthony Propst. “This new test enhances that perspective with a frame-by-frame assessment of embryo development.”

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About the Eeva™ Test and IVF Study

TFC doctors at the ASRM annual conference in October attended an Auxogyn presentation on the research findings. The test in this IVF study helps women and couples with multiple embryos available after IVF select the best one. As part of the IVF study, TFC fertility specialists pair traditional morphology with the Eeva™ test.

IVF study participants should know:

  • “Auxogyn received FDA clearance for the Eeva™ System in June, 2014.”
  • “Preliminary study findings showed that patients receiving day 3 embryo transfers based on adjunctive use of the Eeva™ Test achieved significantly improved implantation rates.”
  • “The technology is currently available for use in selected countries in the EU and Canada.”

Visit the Texas Fertility Center Research page to inquire about the Auxogyn IVF study and Eeva Dish for assessing embryo quality and viability.

Eeva Dish Video of Embryos with Ellipses

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