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Medication Discount Programs

Medication Discount Programs Offered For Our Austin Fertility Clinic Patients

Our goal at Texas Fertility Center is to ensure that every patient has as much information as possible about ways to ease the financial burden of infertility treatment.  To help ease this financial burden, Texas Fertility Center cash pay patients have access to preferred pricing.   Our office staff is aware of medication discount programs available to our patients, and we research each one regularly to find maximum savings.  Let us help you plan ahead for the cost of fertility treatment so you can focus on getting pregnant.

Contact us for a one-on-one consultation with a Texas Fertility Center billing expert.

  Serono Go Direct     Serono / TFC: GO Direct to Savings Program

Go Direct is a medication discount program for self-pay patients, with a valid prescription. Patients can receive a discount, by mail-in rebate, off their out-of-pocket costs for the following EMD Serono products:

  • Gonal-f® (follitropin alfa for injection) ($10.00 per 75 IU)
  • Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe (choriogonadotropin alfa injection) ($10.00 per 25 mg)
  • Cetrotide® (cetrorelix acetate for injection) ($10.00 per .25 mg)
  • Cetrotide® (cetrorelix acetate for injection) ($50.00 per 3 mg)

GO Direct Program Details:

  • Program is available only for prescriptions filled in the United States
  • Valid submissions must be mailed in and include the original pharmacy receipt and completed

GO Direct to Savings rebate form:

  • EMD Serono reserves the right to rescind, revoke, terminate or amend the Program, in whole or in part, at any time without notice
  • This program cannot be combined with special EMD Serono donor pricing

Go Program covers the following products  for our Austin Fertility Clinic Patients

  • Gonal-f® RFF Pen 300 IU
  • Gonal-f® RFF Pen 450 IU
  • Gonal-f® RFF Pen 900 IU
  • Gonal-f® Multi-Dose 450 IU
  • Gonal-f® Multi-Dose 1050 IU
  • Gonal-f® RFF 75 IU, single vial pack
  • Gonal-f® RFF 75 IU, 10-vial pack
  • Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe 250 mcg
  • Cetrotide® (cetrorelix acetate for injection) 0.25 mg
  • Cetrotide® (cetrorelix acetate for injection) 3 mg
  • Gonal-f® (follitropin alfa for injection), Gonal-f® RFF (follitropin alfa for injection), and Gonal-f® RFF Pen (follitropin alfa injection)

      Gonal-f® Co-Pay Savings Card

For eligible privately insured patients, Gonal-f® Cares can help save up to $250* on out-of-pocket costs with the Gonal-f®.

Co-Pay Saving Card Program Details:

  • Patients must have a prescription drug benefit that covers Gonal-f® and a valid Gonal-f® prescription
  • Patients cannot combine this card with any other rebate, coupon, free trial, or similar offer from EMD Serono
  • Patient should keep card for repeated use
  • EMD Serono reserves the right to rescind, revoke, terminate, or amend the Gonal-f® Co-Pay Savings Card at any time without noticeNot valid for self-pay patients
  • Offer not valid for prescriptions that may be reimbursed under federal or state healthcare programs, including Medicaid, Medicare, or any other similar programs, including any state medical pharmaceutical assistance program

Covers the following products:

  • Gonal-f® RFF Pen 300 IU (follitropin alfa injection) Gonal-f® RFF Pen 450 IU (follitropin alfa injection)
  • Gonal-f® RFF Pen 900 IU (follitropin alfa injection)
  • Gonal-f® Multi-Dose 450 IU (follitropin alfa for injection) Gonal-f® Multi-Dose 1050 IU (follitropin alfa for injection)
  • Gonal-f® RFF 75 IU, single vial pack (follitropin alfa for injection)
  • Gonal-f® RFF 75 IU, 10 vial pack (follitropin alfa for injection)
  • Ovidrel
  • Cetrotide

Crinone     Crinone Medication Discount program

Receive a $50.00 discount card for Crinone for our Austin Fertility Clinic cash pay patients.  For insured patients receive up to $150.00 off insurance copay.

First steps follistim   First Steps

Program Details

  • Discounts for patients with documented financial need and a valid prescription for Follistim® (follitropin beta for injection),or Ganirelix® (ganirelix acetate for injection),and Pregynl
  • Patients can save 5%, 25%, 50% or 75% off the available self-pay price at participating DesignRx pharmacies
  • A valid prescription for an eligible drug at a participating pharmacy
  • Benefit is available at DesignRx network pharmacies only
  • Patients may not combine this card with any rebate, coupon, free trial, or similar offer
  • Patient may use the discounts multiple times within a calendar year
  • Patients must reapply each year
  • DesignRx reserves the right to rescind, revoke, terminate, or amend First Steps at any time without notice
  • Military members receive a 25% discount

Covers the following products:

  • Follistim AQ Pen 300 IU (follitropin beta injection)
  • Follistim AQ Pen 600IU(follitropin beta injection)
  • Follistim AQ® Pen 900 IU (follitropin beta      injection)
  • Follistim AQ® RFF 75 IU (follitropin beta      for injection)
  • Ganirelix® 250 μg/0.5 mL (ganirelix acetate      for injection)
  • Pregnyl (chorionic gonadotropin for injection USP)


Please complete the First Steps enrollment paperwork and include the required income verification documents.  The required documentation can be faxed to (855)672-9260.  The process typically takes 3-5 business days.

First Steps Enrollment Paperwork

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