Kate Bowie Photography

Kate Bowie Photography

About Kate Bowie

A little about me…

I love Austin and have just bought our first home outside of Dripping Springs.  I eat raspberry jam with my scrambled eggs.  I find wearing red lipstick empowering… and paired with a glass of red wine I find makes you unstoppable.  I am a rule follower.  I wish all flights had assigned seats so I could avoid the pre-boarding panic attack.  Whiskey gives me a case of the sass.  I like to sleep with the windows open.  Listening to Bob Marley makes me happy.  I feel guilty when I read fiction.  There is a possibility that Indiana Jones may be my perfect man.  I wish I took Latin in high school.  My secret talent is parallel parking.  I prefer the term “strawberry blonde”.  My claim to fame from ages 4-14 were my giant red glasses.  This was before American Apparel made them cool.  My deepest fears are sharks and deep water.  I laugh when I am nervous and mostly at inappropriate times.  I have seen every episode of the Golden Girls at least twice.  I would have been a great race car driver.  I can recite the Princess Bride by heart. I ‘m legally blind without my contacts or glasses.  I am a Libra and a Scorpio.  When I was little I looked like the beegirl from the Blind Melon “No Rain” video.  I have changed a tire in stiletto heels.  I love when I can make someone laugh a genuine laugh.  I have an ongoing love affair with cheeseburgers.  I graduated college a semester early and believe this makes me more dumb than smart.  I am a gold medal sleeper.  My biggest pet peeve are used dryer sheets.  I judge people who use double negatives.  I drink too much coffee.  Using my weedeater brings me inner peace.  I take showers in the dark to relax.  I estimate I’ve spent approximately 3 years of my life watching Law&Order.  I am my happiest with my camera in my hand.  I think my hands stopped growing when I was 11.  I hate the smell of cheerios.  I’m allergic to tequila.  I’m a stress junkie.  I love to dance – and I am good at it.  I am fascinated by local cable access tv. Everybody has good handwriting when writing with a thin sharpie.  I’m an avid fan of people watching.  I love to read textbooks.  I once hustled 4 guys at pool and won $150.   I believe in the collective unconscious.  Joseph Campbell and Jack McCoy rank high on my list of heroes.

But the most important tidbit of all is… I would love love love to take your picture 🙂