Tiffany Hicks Photography

Tiffany Hicks Photography

About Tiffany Hicks

As the mom of two children, I have always loved capturing each and every moment of their lives through photography. I love to look back and relive those little moments in life that otherwise would have forgotten if they hadn’t been captured in photographs. My love for photography has bloomed over the years and has become part of my life that I can’t imagine being without. I rarely go anywhere without my camera in tow.

As a former kindergarten teacher, I also have a strong love for children. They are my favorite subjects to photograph and I can’t imagine having a job that didn’t involve them in some way. Their honest expressions and love of life are so beautifully expressed through photography and it is my joy to capture those moments for you.

I love all kinds of photography styles, but my favorite hands down has got to be outdoor portraits. There is something about using nature as a backdrop that makes a photograph stand out in my eyes. For this reason, the majority of my work will be done outdoors with natural light. The only exception will be newborns. There are so many great places here in Austin to take pictures, so if you need any inspiration just ask.

I look forward to becoming your photographer and hope to make this a lasting relationship through the years.