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Dr. Lisa Hansard Debunks Fertility Myths in KXAN’s Studio 512 Interview

Dr. Lisa Hansard Debunks Fertility Myths in KXAN Studio 512 Interview

Fertility Myths Debunked Infertility is a complicated and often misunderstood condition yet nearly 1 of every 6 couples suffers from it. Dr. Lisa Hansard of Texas Fertility Center stopped in at KXAN’s Studio 512 to explain fact from fiction when it comes to fertility health. 

Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea PhD Explains How Frozen Eggs and Embryos Are Being Kept Safe

Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea PhD, HCLD is the laboratory and operations director for Ovation Fertility™ Austin, the lab for our Austin fertility center. He is an expert in advanced reproductive technology (ART) and he has influenced laboratory techniques across the country. In light of the heartbreaking news that frozen storage tanks at two fertility centers in  

Texas Fertility Center and Ovation Fertility™ Announce Recipient of RESOLVE Advocacy Day Grant

Austin, TX (May 8, 2018) – Texas Fertility Center (TFC) and Ovation Fertility are proud to announce the recipient of the Advocacy Day grant. Erin Steward, a TFC and Ovation Fertility patient, will receive the grant to cover the cost of attending RESOLVE Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C., on May 23. To be considered for  

KVUE Interviewed Dr. Silverberg About the Symptoms and Treatment of Endometriosis

KVUE Interviewed Dr. Silverberg About the Symptoms and Treatment of Endometriosis

Kaylen Silverberg MD is a renowned expert on endometriosis. Our Austin fertility doctor has decades of experience diagnosing and treating this condition. He even wrote the chapter on endometriosis in the “Textbook of Gynecology.” To raise awareness about the symptoms and treatment of endometriosis, KVUE interviewed Dr. Silverberg about this common and often painful cause  

Kaylen Silverberg MD, Tells Period Trackers Are Not Substitutes for Contraceptives on Using Period Trackers to Prevent Pregnancy: Many people who are trying to get pregnant use period-tracking apps to figure out when they’re most fertile. But does it work the other way around? Can your period tracker act as birth control? For those who don’t know, most period-tracking apps have you record when you  

Natalie Burger, M.D., Explains Important Vitamins While Trying to Conceive on

As Available on The Vitamins You’ll Need To Conceive BOOST YOUR FERTILITY AND GET YOUR BODY READY FOR THE HEALTHIEST PREGNANCY POSSIBLE WITH THESE VITAMINS. Ever wonder if there’s something you should be getting more of now that you’re trying to get pregnant? Well, there’s actually a few things. According to Natalie Burger, MD, Seeks the Expertise of Natalie Burger MD, As They Explore 10 Natural Fertility Boosters

From the Article “10 Natural Fertility Boosters That Actually Work When You (& Your Partner) Are TTC” on When you’re actively TTC (that’s “trying to conceive,” of course), you’re generally willing to try just about anything to get the process going. Still, unless you’ve encountered some major roadblocks that absolutely require professional intervention, you’re  

Texas Fertility on KXAN – Ohio fertility clinic tank failure

AUSTIN (KXAN) – After the failure of a storage tank at an Ohio fertility clinic this month, some fertility labs in Austin are adjusting their protocols. The University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, which manages the fertility lab, said about 4,000 embryos and eggs are lost, affecting roughly 950 patients. Alarms on the storage tank failed to alert  

New Braunfels Fertility Specialist Susan Hudson, M.D., Featured in Community Impact – New Braunfels

Meet Susan Hudson MD, an experienced and compassionate New Braunfels fertility specialist.

As featured in Community Impact – New Braunfels: Dr. Susan Hudson, a reproductive endocrinologist who has operated her private practice—the Fertility Institute of Texas—in New Braunfels for the past five years, recently joined the Texas Fertility Center. Hudson said her new affiliation with the largest fertility group in Central Texas will allow for expanded fertility  

Texas Fertility Center and Ovation Fertility™ Sponsor RESOLVE Advocacy Day Grant

Fertility Advocacy day in Washington, DC

Austin, TX (March 27, 2018) – Texas Fertility Center (TFC) and Ovation Fertility have announced that they are co-sponsoring a grant of up to $1500 for a TFC/Ovation Fertility  patient to attend RESOLVE Advocacy Day 2018. This grant will cover airfare, hotel and incidental expenses for one TFC/Ovation Fertility patient and a guest to attend