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Pursuing Pregnancy with Tubal Reversal

The surgical procedure to clip, tie or cauterize the fallopian tubes effectively prevents pregnancy

Tony PrWhat course of action do you have when you change your mind after getting your tubes tied? While not a guarantee, pregnancy after tubal reversal can happen. For more than 20 years, Texas Fertility Center reproductive surgeon Dr. Tony Propst has helped women restore fertility with tubal reversal.

The tubal reversal process

An ovulated egg travels to one of two fallopian tubes to meet the sperm. If all goes well in the fallopian tube, the fertilized egg will migrate down to the uterus, implant and develop into a fetus. The fallopian tubes, one next to each ovary, are about four inches long and the diameter of a belly button. With tubal ligation, a surgeon will cut, burn or tie the tubes to prevent egg and sperm from meeting.

You’ll need a skilled micro-surgeon to perform this delicate reversal procedure that reconnects the occluded tubes after a tubal ligation. You’ll also want to partner with a fertility specialist who will help you weigh the pros and cons of tubal reversal and IVF.

Weighing your options: Am I a good candidate for reversal?

If you would like to add to your family after tubal ligation, your options are to pursue adoption, , in vitro fertilization or tubal reversal surgery.

Dr. Propst explains that the best candidates for tubal surgery have common attributes.

  • Age 39 or younger
  • Regularly ovulating
  • Male partner has normal sperm
  • Postpartum tubal ligation
  • Tubes were clipped
  • Enough length in the tubes to successfully reattach

When you fall into the categories above, your expected success rate is between 60-80 percent. A post-operative report and your health history and fertility workup will give Dr. Propst the data he needs to make a recommendation.

Contact Texas Fertility Center to reserve a new patient consultation to discuss pregnancy after tubal reversal. The surgery, a mini laparotomy or robotic assisted laparoscopy, can effectively restore fertility.

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