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See you at the TFC Baby Reunion at Austin’s Pecan Springs Ranch

For 29 years, we’ve celebrated the birth of our miracle babies at the annual TFC Baby Reunion in Austin

SpotlightAd-SmallWhat began with a cake and punch gathering at St. David’s is now a party that requires some acreage to accommodate the hundreds who attend. Get ready for the Baby Reunion in Austin.

We couldn’t be happier!

When you are in the midst of fertility treatment, it’s difficult to imagine yourself on the other side—enjoying picnics, birthday parties and all of the wonderful milestones of childhood. We encourage you to picture yourself at the TFC Baby Reunion one day, and to read about the before-and-after stories of patients just like you.

Fertility stories with happy endings at our Baby Reunion in Austin

  • Our website features Fertility Stories, with positive pregnancy outcomes that began with a visit to Dr. Vaughn, Dr. Silverberg, Dr. Hansard, Dr. Propst, Dr. Burger and Dr. Munch
  • Our Facebook page provides a place to hear Words of Hope from patients and their families.

The field of positive psychology studies the effects of optimism on mental and physical health. It takes a herculean effort to remain upbeat during infertility treatment, but you can take baby steps toward the goal.

According to Mental Health America, positive people live longer and have fewer physical complaints. Among the Top 10 tools for staying positive, four are known to improve fertility as well:

  1. Stay physically active.
  2. Get enough sleep.
  3. Eat well.
  4. Partner with a counselor if you need it.

Picture yourself at the TFC Baby Reunion

Experts also suggest keeping a gratitude journal or writing about your positive future that you envision for yourself. Type in “gratitude” on Pinterest and you’ll find checklists, printables, inspirational quotes and activities like a 7-day gratitude challenge.

We know it’s difficult to watch the TFC Baby Reunion unfold while you wait for a positive pregnancy. But your path will lead to a family. We’re saving a place for you and your baby next year.

Thank you for entrusting your care to Texas Fertility Center. Our world-class physicians prioritize your successful outcome and honor the courage it takes to pursue fertility treatment.

If you would like to partner with Texas Fertility Center, contact us here. If you and your miracle baby would like to attend the 2015 TFC Baby Reunion, please register here.

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