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Sperm Bank Safeguards

Exploring sperm bank safeguards

Are sperm banks as closely guarded and regulated as the institutions that store your money? They should be. Texas Fertility Center partners only with reputable sperm banks. We share with you here the criteria that we look for when evaluating a sperm bank. Our team also discusses the benefits of using a commercial bank with sperm bank safeguards.

Stringent sperm bank safeguards

Because semen is capable of transmitting several different types of infections, donor sperm should be double-screened. Upon collection, a reputable sperm bank will run a full panel of tests. It will check for infectious disease before freezing the semen. Then, after a six-month quarantine period, the sperm bank runs the tests again. Only after this follow-up screen is negative will the sperm bank release the stored frozen sperm for use.

The donor himself will undergo genetic, medical, and physiological screenings for inheritable disease like cystic fibrosis and mental illness. A multi-generational medical history will uncover potential problems in a sperm donor’s DNA.

One of the nation’s largest sperm banks, Fairfax Cryobank, only accepts 1 out of 200 applicants because of its tough standards.

Closely Guarded Privacy Policies

When you choose an anonymous sperm donor, you can effectively eliminate the possibility of any future contact with the donor. You will neither meet, nor know the identity of the donor. You will only have access to his health history, physical characteristics and personality traits. Depending on the sperm bank that you choose, an ID Option may exist that would allow you to choose a donor open to a meeting after the child turns 18.

Exceeding Regulation Requirements

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates the sperm bank industry to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Texas Fertility Center chooses sperm banks that go above and beyond to seek accreditation by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and Better Business Bureau. Only a few states require sperm banks operating within their borders to obtain separate licensing–New York, Maryland and California. Cryopreservation, or sperm freezing, allows Texas Fertility Center to acquire sperm specimens from sperm banks operating in any U.S. state.

Texas Fertility Center can help you choose a reputable sperm bank. If you are interested in donor services to add to or start a family, contact the fertility specialists at Texas Fertility Center.

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