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Spread Hope by Sharing a Video

You can raise infertility awareness and spread hope just by sharing a video

Spring is all about hope and new beginnings. This makes it a perfect time for events like National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), Fertility Advocacy Day and the Annual TFC Baby Reunion.

This April and May, you can help raise infertility awareness and also encourage hopeful parents who are struggling to have a baby. How? Just by sharing a video.

How does sharing a video help?

Think back to when you were trying to conceive. Do you remember feeling alone or maybe even hopeless? This is how many people feel on their infertility journey. However, our Austin fertility clinic knows that a little information can shed some light on infertility and provide a ray of hope.

Sure, we do our part to raise infertility awareness and show patients that it’s possible to have a baby. Stories from real people who have faced infertility tend to be a lot more powerful though. That’s where people like you come in.

How do you share your video story?

You can make a big difference in the lives of people going through infertility just by telling your story. You can do so by filming a 60- to 90-second video* where you talk about your fertility story and/or your passion for raising infertility awareness.

*Please be sure to film your video horizontally on your smartphone or camera.

Once you’re finished with your video, please sign the release below and upload your video here. From there, we’ll load your video to social media to help more people learn about infertility and see that it’s possible to overcome it and have a healthy baby.

Thank you for doing your part to flip the script on infertility!


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