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Heather’s testimonial

Dr. Propst and the staff at Texas Fertility Center are by far the BEST in Central Texas. I started writing this review several times, and I really could not figure out how to properly formulate the exact description of just how wildly talented and amazing of an RE Dr. Propst proved himself to be. My  

Justin’s Testimonial

We had such a great experience with Texas Fertility Center! Dr. Propst and nurse Michelle were so helpful and welcoming during our journey with them. We couldn’t have asked for better clinicians to help us grow our family. They genuinely welcomed us from day one and took great care of our surrogate. Thank you for  

Cassie T’s Testimonial

After 7 miscarriages, 1 ectopic pregnancy and 2 uterine surgeries I am finally pregnant with a perfect little boy thanks to the care of Dr Natalie Burger! She was thorough, honest, understanding, patient, and i am forever thankful for the care that she gave my family. I highly suggest her to anyone beginning their fertility journey.  

Whitney’s Testimonial

After struggling to become pregnant due to PCOS and endometriosis, we were referred by a friend to Dr. Hansard at Texas Fertility. We are grateful to say that we just welcomed our baby girl into the world this November. It was a trying process but so worth it in the end and we know we  

Tabitha’s Testimonial

I cannot say enough great things about my RE and the entire staff there! Today is a bittersweet day!  I graduated from my RE (reproductive endocrinologist) that I love!  Dr. Propst at Texas Fertility Center helped my husband and I start our family after we tried for over 5 years. We have unexplained infertility which  

Shelly M.’s Testimonial

I went to the Texas Fertility Center as a precaution when I started my fertility journey.  I was 39 and felt I didn’t have time to go about this journey without testing. When I visited Dr. Silverberg for the first time we tested my hormone levels and they were great but he found three, small  

Shelli’s Testimonial

We loved Dr. Silverberg from the day we first met him. He was brutally honest and got straight to the point. We made a plan and got to work. With testing, surgery and months of clomid or clomid plus ovidrel, it took almost eleven months for me to get pregnant and when Dr. Silverberg could  

Julie’s Testimonial

Dr. Silverberg provided some of the best care I feel I’ve ever received! From the moment I met him, it was clear that he was completely dedicated to helping us – and was patient, thorough, calm and comforting when talking us through the different options available to us, and answering our questions.  He is both  

Carla’s Testimonial

My husband and I could not have asked for better care. I have been a patient of Dr. Vaughn’s for about 6-7 months.  What doctor excuses his nurses and does the ultrasounds himself? Dr Vaughn always made us feel extremely comfortable and kept things lighthearted with his jokes when going through something so heavy (also, when  

Leah’s Testimonial

Dr. Vaughn at TFC is world class! I can’t even believe I’m writing this down, but after 3 medicated IUI’s, 3 IVF cycles and 1 DEIVF cycle, we are now 9 weeks pregnant. We wouldn’t have gotten here without him. He is so calm yet optimistic and will spend the time to answer all of