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Patient Testimonial

This is what healthcare is suppose to be like!

I’m 32, obese, infertile for 6 years, and now diabetic. After 2 years of just the wrong treatment from another Dr, and meeting several different women with similar experiences, I finally went to Texas Fertility Center. 7 months later we are pregnant with our first child. Only 7 months! Dr. Silverberg told me not to give up, I need to lose weight to chase behind the babies, but parenthood is not impossible.

I could always get an appointment, the staff is awesome, and together provided a utopian experience. You may have to wait sometimes past your appointment time, but let me tell you the Doctors at TFC are going to take the same time or as much time to get you taken care of. No one is treated any different. Don’t wait to make your appointment with Texas Fertility Center!

by The Beavers