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Patient Testimonial


My husband and I had been ttc for over 6 mos. when we were referred to TFC. Upon meeting Dr. Burger I immediately felt comfortable with her and knew that she was sincere about wanting to help us conceive.  After several attempts with IUI, we decided to take a break and..voila- we became pregnant. I have no doubt that the procedures performed by Dr. Burger, along with our tenacity helped us to finally become pregnant. She never pushed and was always willing to explain all of the details which was very important. She even called me after our last visit once I was released to my OB to explain something further. If she were an obstetrician I would definitely want her to deliver our baby. I especially appreciate Gaile O. and Kellye C. and their willingness to answer my numerous questions. I would recommend anyone to TFC! Thank you Dr. Burger.”