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Texas Fertility Center Welcomes New IVF Lab Scientific Director Tex VerMilyea

We traveled 7,305 miles to Auckland, New Zealand to bring home a High Complexity Clinical Laboratory Director named Tex

Matthew (Tex) VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD, CC Matthew (Tex) VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD/CC (ABB) has joined Texas Fertility Center as its scientific director. In his new post, VerMilyea will oversee all IVF lab procedures. He will also continue his research efforts into  embryo development, DNA analysis and fertility preservation. His extensive background in embryology and ongoing research efforts are in sync with TFC.

The IVF lab empowers every fertility treatment cycle. This includes basic fertility testing,  preimplantation genetic screening and embryo development assessments. Having a world-renowned expert at the helm will impact every patient at our Austin and San Antonio fertility centers.

About our new IVF lab director

VerMilyea was born in Laredo, Texas. He attended Cornell University before earning a PhD in genetics from The University of Birmingham, School of Medicine, Institute of Biomedical Research, Birmingham, U.K.

“Growing up in a border town of South Texas, I am forever grateful to my parents, educators and coaches who encouraged me to go to an Ivy League university,” says VerMilyea.

After completing his PhD, he expanded his knowledge as a research fellow in Kobe, Japan and Birmingham, U.K. He continued his research in academic posts at the University of Pennsylvania, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) and Auckland University (New Zealand).

VerMilyea says: “My many global experiences have provided me with a skill-set which I am keen to put to use for the patients of Texas Fertility Center.  I am very fortunate to have had opportunities to work and study all over the world. I look forward to applying my knowledge to provide patients with their best chance to become parents.”


A doctoral degree and certification, PhD, HCLD and Father of Two, represent VerMilyea’s professional achievements. However, his role as a father is his most treasured distinction.  Dr. VerMilyea thoroughly enjoys his time spent with his two children, Hailey and Austin VerMilyea. At an early age, both children have shown an interest in science and learning ‘how things work’ and you will often find Tex pursuing his many hobbies, including vintage car restoration, welding, carpentry, gardening, fishing and grilling.

The family is settling into their new Austin home, where you might find Tex pursuing his many hobbies, including vintage car restoration, welding, gardening, fishing and grilling.

Contact Texas Fertility Center to reserve a consultation for fertility testing and treatment.  You can also learn more about our new IVF lab director. Our board certified reproductive endocrinologists work closely with the IVF lab and Tex VerMilyea to unlock fertility potential using the most advanced methods and protocols.

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